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Family Of the Month


Council Family of the Month

October 2018: Greg & Liz Pendergrass

Greg & Liz Pendergrass are Council 11101 October Family of the Month.

Greg received his Knights of Columbus Admission (1st) Degree in April of 1999. He received his 2nd and 3rd Degrees in February 2000.

Liz works as an Administrative Assistant for SPX parish while Greg sells advertising and marketing services.

They currently enjoy serving in various SPX ministries including the Music Ministry, Lectors, Pre-Cana marriage preparation and Boy Scouts.

In their 29 years at SPX they have also served as youth ministry chaperones, ministers of hospitality, table to table hosts and faith formation catechists.

Jubilee weekends have also been an important part of their parish experience.

Liz and Greg are blessed to have three sons. Peter (29), Christopher (27) and John (12) who is a 7th grader at SPX School.

The Knights of Columbus are proud to announced that Greg & Liz Pendergrass are Council 11101’s Family of the Month for October 2018.

Congratulations, Greg & Liz


Knight Of the Month


Council Knight of the Month

October 2018 : Nabil Lian

Nabil Lian is St Pius X Knight of the Month for October

He says, “Our family loves St. Pius Catholic Church and School.”

Nabil took his First Degree on August 19, 2003. He took his Second and Third Degrees on February 21, 2004.

Nabil credits his wife, Elizabeth for being his reason for joining the Knights.

Nabil's son, Philippe is also a Knight, and he is a charter member of our Squires Council Giuseppe Sarto. Nabil co-chaired and initiated the Squires chapter of St. Pius X.

One of their favorite family Council activities with the Knights is LAMB. Since childhood, Carole & Philippe contributed their time and innate sales skills to help the Least Among My Brethren.

“As a Christian from the Middle-East, I am proud to be with the Knights.” Nabil worked in Business Corporate Travel, for over 35 years, where hospitality and helping travelers are their trademarks.

Nabil says, “Caring for the elderly and neighbors is the most rewarding part of our family.”

“The Knights are the brothers I never had. They personify all that is good in serving the Church.”

The Knights of Columbus are proud to announce that Nabil Lian is Council 11101’s Knight of the Month for October 2018.

Congratulations, Nabil.