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Family Of the Month


Council Family of the Month

May 2018: Edwin & Peggy Campbell

Ed and Peggy Campbell are Council 11101 Family of the Month for May.

When Ed got out of high school he immediately went into the Navy and the Korean War. 22 years later he retired as a Navy Chief Petty Officer in 1973. He worked in electronics and aviation flight simulators.

Peggy Jean Campbell, Ed’s better half, converted to Catholicism shortly after their marriage in 1985. When Ed became active in the Knights of Columbus, Peggy quickly joined in, hosting several of the family events of the K of C.

Ed’s civilian career eventually took him to Allied Signal Corporation. He gave a full measure to Allied and retired and moved to Asheboro in 1992.

Ed received his Knights of Columbus Admission (1st) Degree in 1992 in Asheboro, where he is a charter member at St Joseph’s Council 10891.

He was their 4th Grand Knight and served as GK for two years in 1995-96.

When Ed became Grand Knight, Peggy became Ed’s indispensable right arm keeping Ed on track and on time. She ensured that he returned all his Council related phone calls and attended all his meetings promptly.

In 1996 he received his Patriotic Fourth Degree and began his membership in High Point’s Assembly, where he held all officer positions except Navigator.

Ed held all Council officer positions over the years. Additionally he served as District Deputy #12 in Asheboro, Salisbury, Thomasville, Kernersville and High Point. Ed also started the Lexington Council.

Peggy attended all State meetings and conventions when Ed was District Deputy for four years and State Community Director for two more years.

Ed was the State Council Community Director for LAMB, Special Olympics, and other community activities.

Peggy enjoyed K of C Social events and loved socializing with the Knights and their families and was always ready to participate whenever and however needed. She cheerfully volunteered her services at every available opportunity.

Ed started the tradition of holding a 2nd & 3rd Degree on the same day, that still exists in Council 939 and 13236.

Ed has been a First Degree Team Captain for 25 years, where he serves as Grand Knight on our degree team. He has been involved in over 500 Degrees.

Ed is a Charter member of Fr. Francis Connolly Assembly 3253 at St Pius X.

Over the years Ed, with Peggy's help, has been active at many Council, Church and Community activities:

LAMB Chairman with over $10,000 in one year (still a record), Blood Drives, Belk Charity Ticket sales, and Fish Frys…

Ed started the Knights Monthly Rosaries at SPX and Monthly Rosaries in Asheboro prior to all 3 Masses on one Sunday.

He is currently a Lector at St. Benedict's Church. He has been a lector at SPX and St. Joseph's in Asheboro.

Ed was an Extraordinary (Eucharistic) Minister at Wesley Long Hospital for eight years.

He’s been a Eucharistic minister at St. Joseph's in Asheboro, St. Pius X and St. Benedict's Church.

Ed and Peggy are a very involved family who provide Council leadership and service through their charity, unity and brotherhood.

Ed and Peggy are the May Knights of Columbus, "Family of the Month.”

Congratulations Ed and Peggy!

April 2018: Frank & Olga Fratoni

The Fratoni family, Frank, Olga, Garrison and Duncan are Council 11101 Family of the Month for April 2018.

Frank took his Admission Degree (First) on 11-13-1995 at Council 939. He took his Formation Degree (Second) on 12-01-1995 and his Knighthood Degree on 10-19-1996. Frank is a K of C Insurance Member, who has a Knights’ Life Policy.

Encouraged by Frank, his sons Garrison and Duncan are both members of the Knights. Garrison took his Admission Degree (First) on 06-29-2015, and then took his Formation Degree (Second) on 06-16-2016. Duncan recently took his Admission Degree on 12-7-2017. They hope to both complete their Third Degree together this spring.

Frank’s favorite Council programs are:

Coats for Kids
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Lenten Fish Fry’s
Blood Drives
Christmas Party
First Friday Adoration
Knights Monthly Rosary
Pancake Breakfasts

Frank’s favorite parish and community charities:

EWTN/SPX Media volunteer: communicates EWTN notices, emails, etc. for SPX Church bulletins, and Pennyburn newsletters.
OLG Parish Council.
Music entertainment volunteers at Stratford Retirement Home and Forsyth Court.
Donations to SPX/Urban Ministry Food bank.
Newcomer Committee cook for luncheon.
Valentine Party Cooking
Crop Walk.
SPX Church sound system engineer.

Olga’s favorite charities are:

Martha’s helpers – providing bake goods for events
Valentine Dinner Preparation
Newcomer Committee Member – Dinner Preparation
Welcoming Committee for new parish members.
Weekly food donations for Urban Ministry
Christmas Angel Tree presents
Provide Mass Transportation for homebound.
Annually Advertise in Parish Bulletin

Duncan’s favorite charities:

Operation Lamb Collection
Pancake Breakfast Preparation assistance
Valentine Dinner Preparation assistance
Volunteered for Special Olympic Games
Contributes to Backpack Beginnings for Homeless
Volunteered food collection events for National Honors Society
Volunteers in School Book Donation Program.
Performs with Jazz Programs at Retirement Villages.

Garrison’s favorite charities:

Operation Lamb Collection
Valentine Dinner – bartender assistance
Organize collections while Interning for homeless
Volunteered Referee at Special Olympic Games
Volunteers as Teacher for Youth Soccer Referee Class.
Volunteers weekends to assist in Soccer Clinics.
Runs Marathons – collecting funs from sponsors for homeless.

As you can see, Frank and his family are very involved in our parish, council and community. Frank, Olga, Garrison and Duncan provide service and leadership through their acts of charity, while simultaneously building Parish unity and developing our Council’s brotherhood and sisterhood.

The Fratoni's are Council 11101 “Family of the Month” for April 2018.

Congratulations Frank, Olga, Garrison and Duncan.

March 2018: James & Lynn Duffy

Jim made is First Degree in 2003 with the St. Pius Council 11101. He became a Fourth Degree Member in 2008 and is a member of the Honor Guard. He is a Charter Member of the Fr. Francis Connolly Assembly 3253 at St. Pius.

Jim and his wife Lynn have two boys, Sean and Joe. They have been very active in the church and community. Following are some of the activities they have been involved in:

Current Grand Knight, Past Grand Knight (2006), Warden for the Council, Deputy Grand Knight and Trustee.

Member of the 1st Degree Team (Grand Knight’s role). Committee Member for Christmas Party, Youth Activities, Panther Tours, Blood Drive, Punt, Throw and Kick, Fish Fry and many other Knight’s events.

Captain of Eucharistic Ministers Team 3 for the 9:00 AM Mass.

Lynn was volunteer for the Summer Vacation Bible School for two summers, Faith Formation teacher, Tiger Cub Den Leader and assistant to Jim with his leadership roles in Scouting.

Jim was a Scout Bear Den Leader, Webelos Den leader, Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster for 8 years and produced 10 Eagle Scouts, including both of his sons, Sean and Joe.

Joe was an Alter Server at St. Pius X. Both boys were charter members and held officer’s positions for our Squires Circle.

Sean is a current member of the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He often is the Head Chef for their group.

Sean is a third Degree Member of our Council and volunteers at events whenever he is available.

The Duffy’s frequently express how very fortunate they feel to be part of our church family and community and they look forward to being of continued service in the future.

Jim and Lynn Duffy exemplify Catholic family leadership, through their acts of charity, unity and fraternity in our church and in our community. They are the March 2018 Family of the Month.

Congratulations Jim and Lynn.


Knight Of the Month


Council Knight of the Month

May 2018 :Glenn Spivey

Glenn Spivey is Council 11101 May Knight of the Month.

Glenn received his Admission (1st) Degree in March of 1995. He received his Formation 2nd and Knighthood 3rd Degrees in April 1996, and his Patriot 4th Degree in November 1998. Glenn's son Brett joined the Knights of Columbus in Raleigh.

Glenn is a very involved parishioner at Saint Pius X. He recently retired from SPX Parish Senior Ministry, where Glenn worked part time to help our Parish Seniors. He organized and worked on the SPX Senior Luncheon, where retired parishioners meet monthly (September – May) for a special liturgy, luncheon and fellowship. They also take day trips to local points of interest. He coordinated Volunteers who were needed to provide rides to the monthly Senior meetings and to weekend Mass for those unable to drive.

Glenn has been involved in a variety of parish functions: Social Committee, Parish Life committee, Game Nights, receptions, Fall Festivals, etc.

Glenn routinely donates food to the "Blessed Table", a small east side multi-church food pantry.

Glenn started a Sunday night church fellowship bowling league, when he was still at OLG. Bishop Begley even bowled for awhile in the league. He continued to build that church fraternity at SPX, with all who want to play these 47 years later.

Glenn, Pat and their three sons used their carpentry and painting skills to help Father Louis Canino remodel the Franciscan Center on Greene St.

Glenn held many Officer positions in our Council. He has been Grand Knight, Chancellor, Program Director, Council Director, Youth Director, LAMB Director, Membership Director, and Advocate. When Glenn was our Grand Knight, we received the prestigious and valuable Star Council Award for two consecutive years.

Glenn and our other great First Degree Team members, started our own SPX Degree Team at a time when only Council 939 had a team. Glenn took the difficult role of Chancellor and made it his own. Interestingly, he did all his memorization in his spare time, mostly while walking and exercising.

When a Second Degree Team was forming to include Brothers from all Greensboro Councils in this District, Glenn joined and took the difficult role of Chancellor once again.

Glenn recently volunteered to be our Deputy Grand Knight for 2018 & 2019.

Glenn is a Parish and Council leader who lives his charity, unity and fraternity.

He is our May Knights of Columbus "Knight of the Month.”

Congratulations Glenn!

April 2018 : Warren Duhaime

Warren received his Knights of Columbus Admission (1st) Degree in January of 1985. He received his 2nd and 3rd Degrees in February and March of 1986, and his 4th Degree in November 2014.

Warren & Karen met in High School. Afterward, Warren joined marines in 1963 at the age of 17. He was in Vietnam in 1967-68 where he flew in UH-34Ds for the Ugly Angels, HMM 362 Marine Air Squadron. Warren was a logistic Sargeant and helicopter gunner.

When he returned home, Warren and Karen married in 1968 and in the years followed they had three children: Aaron, Allison and Kevin.

Their children received their CCD training from Brother Tracey Welliver at St Pius X.

Warren and Karen Duhaime are very involved parishioners at Saint Pius X.

They both volunteer on the SPX Consolation Ministry, where they help grieving families at funerals of their loved ones.

This past summer Karen volunteered at the Catholic Heart Regional Church Work Camp. The St Pius X Youth Group sent approximately 30 of kids and chaperones from our parish to South Carolina to repair hurricane damaged homes.

Warren and Karen work as volunteers to help our Parish Seniors at the SPX Senior Luncheon. They set up, clean, serve; check in at the Luncheon, where retired parishioners meet monthly for a special Senior Mass, programs and fellowship.

They also help at the Potter’s House, a homeless shelter, part of the Greensboro Urban Ministry, where they serve and cook for the homeless.

Warren is an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister, once every month. Rosemarie Cooke, the team coordinator, still needs more Brother Knights as Eucharistic Ministers. Call Warren for more information.

Warren and Karen are both involved in a variety of other parish functions: Social Committee set up and clean up, Parish Life committee, Game Nights, Receptions, Fall Festivals, decorate SPX Church at Christmas, etc.

Karen and Warren helped Father Louis Canino remodel the Franciscan Center on Greene St., where they did painting, carpentry remodeling and electrical wiring. They've also attended several conferences and support events at St Francis Springs, in Stoneville.

Warren has held many Knights of Columbus Officer positions. He has been Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor, Retention Chairman, and Outside Guard. Warren is also a member of Assembly 3253, where he is the acting Inner Sentinel and has also been the Outer Sentinel.

Karen has always been a great help to Warren in those positions. She enjoys being with Warren and the other Knights, so she attends all of our programs and projects: monthly Rosary, Right to Life programs, LAMB drives, Room at Inn support banquet, etc.

Warren & Karen are a Catholic family that provides parish leadership and service through their charity, unity and fraternity.

March 2018 : Dan Currin

Dan Curran is Council 11101 Knight of the Month for March 2018.

Dan joined the Knights of Columbus in November 2015. He quickly received his Second and Third Degrees in the spring of 2016.

Dan is very active in our Church and Council activities.

Dan is the Pancake Breakfast volunteer Leader for K of C Team 3, who cooked our pancake breakfast in February. Dan loves competing with the other two teams, as he works to build the camaraderie and brotherhood of the Parish breakfasts.

Dan is a leader in our parish Bible study program. Under Deacon Ron’s guidance, he and Ben York started by giving a class on St Matthew’s Gospels. For Dan, those early classes grew into a 24 month Bible Timeline course, and eventually courses about all Four Evangelists and others.

Years ago, Deacon Ron & Bette Steinkamp were the early organizers of our Parish Bible Study program. They enlisted Dan, John Arsenault, Ben & Alice Yorks. Our current Bible Study facilitators also include Mary Colanero, Alice Yorks, Dale Hilliard, Deb Ritzel and Geri McComb.

Currently, the SPX Bible Study program is managed by Lindsay Kohl, St Pius X Director of Formational Ministries.

Recent Bible Study classes are:

Lectio: Eucharist
Wisdom: God's Vision for Life
Ephesians: Discover Your Inheritance
Psalms: The School of Prayer

If you have questions about SPX Bible Study refer to:

In his early professional life, Dan taught and coached football & basketball for 4 years at Eli Whitney Middle School in Chapel Hill, and later at Aycock Middle School. One of Dan’s favorite stories is how his raga-muffin country football team of 17 poorly outfitted players; beat Mendenhall’s well equipped team of 44 suburban school kids. Dan loved being part of that underdog winning competition.

He later worked at their family business manufacturing custom upholstered furniture for interior designers. Their family business ran from 1959 to 2017, and employed 25 people. At age 71, Dan decided to retire and devote his time to our Church.

Dan is a Confirmation sponsor & discussion facilitator for 7th & 8th grade. He also gives RCIA faith formation classes for 7th & 8th grade for 65 - 80 students per class. Dan said, SPX needs more Faith formation help, especially from parents with children in the 7th & 8th grade. If you are interested in helping, please contact Lindsay Kohl. 336-272-4681 or

Dan also works at Potter’s House, an Urban Ministry kitchen that feeds 500 homeless men and women lunch each day. They also serve an evening meal for the 80 homeless, who stay there overnight. St Pius X has a team of parishioners, who serve that evening meal on the 3rd Friday of every month. If interested use the signup genie link: Dan enjoys the fraternal camaraderie in the Knights of Columbus, and we are very pleased to have Dan in our Council of Brothers.

Dan is our March 2018, Knights of Columbus, "Knight of the Month.”

Congratulations, Dan!